Project Description

Presenter: Dr. Tiffany Cvrkel, UCLA

Presented: February 18, 2016

Abstract: The Big Data Revolution brings enormous potential in acquisition and application of vast sums of data, and the possibilities are exciting. Collecting and working with this type of data also raises unique ethical concerns. The purpose of this talk is two-fold.

First, we will be discussing some of the most pressing ethical challenges around Big Data. This will involve looking carefully at issues around data ownership, privacy, transparency, and consent. Second, we will move beyond the listing of problems onto some possible solutions. Here, we will focus on the practical. Come discuss what developers, database administrators, researchers, and institutions can do to address ethical risk.

About the presenter: Dr. Tiffany Cvrkel is a bioethicist, philosopher, and lecturer in UCLA’s Department of Molecular, Cell, & Developmental Biology. The primary focus of her work is categorizing the impact and limitations of deliberation as it occurs in the contexts of biomedical ethical. Her particular area of expertise is the ethics of emerging biomedical technologies, including the ethical challenges around mHealth, eHealth, and Big Data. In addition to being an award-winning teacher, she serves as a consultant to scientists and clinicians working with bioethical questions. She specializes in both bringing clarity to bioethical challenges and to assisting in the creation of practical solutions.

Project Details