Empowering the broader biomedical research community

The Training Core of the MD2K Center enables the broader biomedical research community beyond the Center to use the MD2K data analysis tools for biomedical discovery in a range of biomedical applications by providing online tutorials, training videos, virtual seminars and a comprehensive web-based resource library. It engages the data science research community in advancing the science of MD2K itself by equipping them with data sets, open-source software, documentation, and online forums so they can contribute new theories, software, and data sets, and integrate new sensors and other data types into the MD2K platform. The Training Core team develops curricular materials for use in classrooms, in both data science and biomedical disciplines, to provide MD2K training to students, and begin the process of building the next generation of scientific workforce that is capable of using MD2K in increasingly sophisticated biomedical applications.

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A virtual collaboratory for the mHealth community

The mHealthHub is a virtual forum where technologists, researchers and clinicians connect, learn, share, and innovate on mHealth tools to transform healthcare. It aims to create an innovation ecosystem that fosters collaboration.


mHealth Training Institute

Advancing mHealth researchers with transdisciplinary expertise

The NIH mHealth Training Institute (mHTI) was created to serve as an incubator for developing transdisciplinary scientists capable of co-creating mHealth solutions for “wicked” healthcare problems.


mHealth Webinars

Building the next generation of mHealth scientists

The MD2K Webinar Series is part of the curriculum that MD2K is providing to students in both data science and the biomedical disciplines to further the process of building scientists capable of using sophisticated biomedical applications.