• Dr. Santosh Kumar is Tennessee's first state-endowed Chair of Excellence Professor in Computer Science at the University of Memphis with internationally recognized expertise in mobile sensor big data for health, wellness, and workplace performance.

• His current research seeks to revolutionize healthcare research and practice via innovative machine-learning models for infering daily health and behavior from wearable sensors.

• Dr. Kumar has experience leading and participating in federally-funded multidisciplinary projects worth $45+ million that has involved 30+ investigators from 20+ universities. He currently leads multiple projects including the NIH Center of Excellence in Mobile Sensor Data-to-Knowledge (MD2K) that involves investigators in computing, engineering, behavioral science, and medicine from 12 universities.

• In 2010, Popular Science magazine named him one of America’s ten most brilliant scientists under the age of 38 (called “Brilliant Ten”).

• Dr. Kumar's graduated students and postdocs are in research, development, and management at IBM Research, Samsung Research, Amazon, Apple, and Universal Creative.

• He is an advisory board member of NSF Engineering Research Center (ASSIST), NIH PRISMS Program, NIH Center for Technology and Behavioral Health (at Dartmouth), and BioTrillion.


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Research Focus

Dr. Kumar has been leading mobile health (mHealth) projects since 2007 when his AutoSense project for sensor-based monitoring of stress and addictive behaviors in the field environment was selected in the Genes Environment & Health Initiative (GEI) common fund program of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). He is currently leading an NIH Center of Excellence on Mobile Sensor Data-to-Knowledge (MD2K), funded through the big data-to-knowledge (BD2K) initiative. MD2K is a truly transdisciplinary project in which Santosh leads a team of 20+ investigators from 12 universities who come from diverse but complementary disciplines including computer science, engineering, statistics, public health, medicine, and behavioral science. MD2K has developed innovative tools and open-source software to make it easier to collect, integrate, manage, visualize, analyze and interpret health related data generated by mobile and wearable sensors. The goal of these big data solutions is to reliably quantify physical, biological, behavioral, social, and environmental factors that contribute to health and disease risk.

MD2K’s software platforms are being used in fourteen studies at across 11 states to investigate stress, smoking, overeating, heart failure, oral hygiene, work performance, and cocaine use. Hundreds of terabytes of sensor data collected by MD2K has been used to discover novel mHealth biomarkers such as stress, conversation, smoking, craving, cocaine use, brushing, and flossing, and sensor-triggered interventions.

In addition to direct experience with leading transdisciplinary mobile sensor research projects, Dr. Kumar has led national efforts to advance the field of mHealth. In 2011, he chaired the national meeting on “mHealth Evidence” organized by NIH and NSF to establish evidence requirements for mobile health, and in 2014 he organized and chaired an NSF-NIH workshop on identifying computing grand challenges in mHealth. He mentors faculty members across the country in mHealth as part of the annual NIH mHealth Summer Institutes.

For more information about Dr. Kumar's research, view the Research at mHealth Lab page. 


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Selected Recent Publications

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Dr. Santosh Kumar

Director, NIH Center of Excellence for Mobile Sensor Data-to-Knowledge (MD2K)
Professor and Lillian & Morrie Moss Chair of Excellence | Department of Computer Science
The University of Memphis

Students at mHealth Systems Lab work with students, post-docs, and faculty from10+ universities via MD2K. See our research philosophy if interested in joining

Ph.D. Students (11)

Rummana Bari; Nazir Saleheen; Soujanya Chaterjee; Azim Ullah; Sayma Akther; Rabin Banjade; Shiplu Hawlader; Somnath Mitra; Mithun Saha; Sameer Neupane; Hosneara Ahmed

Alumni (13)

Syed Monowar Hossain (Ph.D., 2017) - MD2K

Nusrat Nasrine (M.S., 2017) - MD2K

Hillol Sarker (Ph.D., 2016) - IBM Research

Mahbubur Rahman (Ph.D., 2016) - Samsung

Amin Ahsan Ali (Ph.D., 2014) - University of Dhaka

Moushumi Sharmin (Post-doc, 2013-15) - Western Washington University

Andrew Raij (Post-doc, 2009-10) - Universal Creative

Karen Hovsepian (Post-doc, 2011-12) - Amazon

Somnath Mitra (M.S., 2012) - eBay

Animikh Ghosh (M.S., 2010) - Infosys Labs, India

Maheshbabu Satharla (M.S., 2010)

Bhagavathy Krishna (M.S., 2009) - Apple

Tim Henry (B.S., 2008) - FedEx

MD2K Staff

Dr. Timothy Hnat - Chief Software Architect

Dr. Syed 'Monowar' Hossain - Lead Software Engineer

Nusrat Nasrin - Software Engineer

Dr. Anandatirtha Nandugudi - Data Science Software Engineer

Dr. Nasir Ali - Research Assistant Professor

Joseph Biggers - Director of Administrative Operations

Lyndsey Rush - Project Coordinator

Cheryl Hayes - Business Officer

Brian Ahern - Technical Writer/Training Specialist

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