We strive to publish in highly competitive venues such as ACM SenSys, ACM/IEEE IPSN, ACM CHI, ACM UbiComp, among others. Sometimes, we succeed, other times we try harder. Our goal is to publish research work that makes a difference.


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santosh kumar

Santosh Kumar

Director, NIH Center of Excellence for Mobile Sensor Data-to-Knowledge (MD2K)
Professor and Lillian & Morrie Moss Chair of Excellence | Department of Computer Science
The University of Memphis

Students at mHealth Systems Lab work with students, post-docs, and faculty from10+ universities via MD2K. See our research philosophy if interested in joining

Ph.D. Students (11)

Rummana Bari; Nazir Saleheen; Soujanya Chaterjee; Azim Ullah; Sayma Akther; Rabin Banjade; Shiplu Hawlader; Somnath Mitra; Mithun Saha; Sameer Neupane; Hosneara Ahmed

Alumni (13)

Syed Monowar Hossain (Ph.D., 2017) - MD2K

Nusrat Nasrine (M.S., 2017) - MD2K

Hillol Sarker (Ph.D., 2016) - IBM Research

Mahbubur Rahman (Ph.D., 2016) - Samsung

Amin Ahsan Ali (Ph.D., 2014) - University of Dhaka (Asst. Prof.)

Moushumi Sharmin (Post-doc, 2013-15) - Western Washington University

Andrew Raij (Post-doc, 2009-10) - Universal Creative

Karen Hovsepian (Post-doc, 2011-12) - Amazon

Somnath Mitra (M.S., 2012) - eBay

Animikh Ghosh (M.S., 2010) - Infosys Labs, India

Maheshbabu Satharla (M.S., 2010)

Bhagavathy Krishna (M.S., 2009) - Apple

Tim Henry (B.S., 2008) - FedEx

MD2K Staff

Dr. Timothy Hnat - Chief Software Architect

Dr. Syed 'Monowar' Hossain - Lead Software Engineer

Nusrat Nasrin - Software Engineer

Dr. Anandatirtha Nandugudi - Data Science Software Engineer

Dr. Nasir Ali - Research Assistant Professor

Joseph Biggers - Director of Administrative Operations

Lyndsey Rush - Project Coordinator

Cheryl Hayes - Business Officer

Brian Ahern - Technical Writer/Training Specialist

Shahin Samiei - Associate Director, Research & Studies