Prospective Students


Do you want to make a long lasting impact in this world via high quality research? Do you want to compete with the best and brightest researchers in the world to get your research published in the world’s best publishing venues? Do you want to grow yourself into a world-class technology and/or business leader and are willing to work extremely hard to realize such dreams?

If you answered “yes” to these questions from your heart, mHealth Systems Lab may be a perfect place to grow yourself. If you are selected to become part of this elite research group, you can be assured that you and your long term career will receive the highest priority in all research work that involves you. You will be immersed in a highly dynamic and extremely ambitious work environment where excellence in research is not a choice but a basic necessity. You will work on exciting new technologies that have great future potential (in both academic and business worlds). Explore the lab webpage to learn more on current projects.

If you believe that mHealth Systems Lab is a good match for you, send an email to Dr. Santosh Kumar with a compelling argument to support your candidacy and cite any prior performance that may support your claim.


santosh kumar

Santosh Kumar

Director, NIH Center of Excellence for Mobile Sensor Data-to-Knowledge (MD2K)
Professor and Lillian & Morrie Moss Chair of Excellence | Department of Computer Science
The University of Memphis

Students at mHealth Systems Lab work with students, post-docs, and faculty from10+ universities via MD2K. See our research philosophy if interested in joining

Ph.D. Students (11)

Rummana Bari; Nazir Saleheen; Soujanya Chaterjee; Azim Ullah; Sayma Akther; Rabin Banjade; Shiplu Hawlader; Somnath Mitra; Mithun Saha; Sameer Neupane; Hosneara Ahmed

Alumni (13)

Syed Monowar Hossain (Ph.D., 2017) - MD2K

Nusrat Nasrine (M.S., 2017) - MD2K

Hillol Sarker (Ph.D., 2016) - IBM Research

Mahbubur Rahman (Ph.D., 2016) - Samsung

Amin Ahsan Ali (Ph.D., 2014) - University of Dhaka (Asst. Prof.)

Moushumi Sharmin (Post-doc, 2013-15) - Western Washington University

Andrew Raij (Post-doc, 2009-10) - Universal Creative

Karen Hovsepian (Post-doc, 2011-12) - Amazon

Somnath Mitra (M.S., 2012) - eBay

Animikh Ghosh (M.S., 2010) - Infosys Labs, India

Maheshbabu Satharla (M.S., 2010)

Bhagavathy Krishna (M.S., 2009) - Apple

Tim Henry (B.S., 2008) - FedEx

MD2K Staff

Dr. Timothy Hnat - Chief Software Architect

Dr. Syed 'Monowar' Hossain - Lead Software Engineer

Nusrat Nasrin - Software Engineer

Dr. Anandatirtha Nandugudi - Data Science Software Engineer

Dr. Nasir Ali - Research Assistant Professor

Joseph Biggers - Director of Administrative Operations

Lyndsey Rush - Project Coordinator

Cheryl Hayes - Business Officer

Brian Ahern - Technical Writer/Training Specialist

Shahin Samiei - Associate Director, Research & Studies