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MD2K Research

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The Data Science Research (DSR) Core of the Center of Excellence for Mobile Sensor Data to Knowledge (MD2K) will generate generalizable theory, methods, tools, and software, to address major barriers to processing complex mobile sensor data (e.g., transition from early lab feasibility to robust field utility). This will enable the use of mobile sensor data by the broader community for biomedical knowledge discovery and just-in-time care delivery, laying the foundation for P5 Medicine.

The DSR Core will demonstrate the feasibility, utility, and generalizability of the MD2K approach by implementing the entire MD2K data analytics system in the context of two biomedical applications – reducing relapse among abstinent daily smokers and reducing readmission among congestive heart failure (CHF) patients.

All the tools and software developed by MD2K will be freely available as open-source projects to engage data science researchers in advancing the science of MD2K. Biomedical researchers will be able to install the MD2K software on mobile devices to collect sensor data and the MD2K analytics software on their servers to analyze these data for biomedical discovery.