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MD2K Webinar: Elaine Nsoesie of Boston University

Title: Who is in your data? Data and Machine Learning Limitations in Health Research

Presenter: Dr. Elaine Nsoesie

Presented: May 9, 2019


Elaine Nsoesie Webinar

About the presentation:

Data from a variety of sources, including social media and electronic health records, can provide insights into population health trends. These data can be used to track and measure health outcomes across geographic regions, time and complex social networks. However, these data also has the potential to exacerbate health inequalities if not properly used in public health research and practice. This talk will cover data and algorithmic bias, and potential unintended impacts on health services and equity.

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MD2K Webinar: David Kotz of Dartmouth College

Title: Amulet and Auracle: Wearable Platforms for mHealth Research

Presenter: Dr. David Kotz

Presented: March 18, 2019


David Kotz Webinar

About the presentation:

The advent of mobile and wearable computing technology has made it increasingly possible for individuals to wear devices that can sense their physiology or health-related behaviors, collecting valuable data in support of diagnosis, treatment, public health, or other applications. In this talk, we describe two research-grade platforms developed in our lab: Amulet and Auracle. 

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