Enabling healthcare transformation via temporally-precise mHealth interventions

mHealth Center for Discovery, Optimization & Translation of Temporally-Precise Interventions (mDOT)

Providing care for patients with chronic diseases is one of the biggest drivers of the nation’s rising healthcare spending. Many of these diseases are inextricably linked to mutable health behaviors such as poor diet, lack of physical activity, and smoking. A key strategy for making self-care and preventive health behaviors more achievable has been the integration of passive monitoring into everyday life via mobile sensors and providing personalized information and guidance to patients. But to have the maximum long-term efficacy, such mHealth interventions must be delivered at the most opportune moment and its content must be dynamically personalized to the individual, their current context, and changing preferences.

The mHealth Center for Discovery, Optimization & Translation of Temporally-Precise Interventions (the mDOT Center) provides the methods, tools, and infrastructure for researchers to discover, optimize and deploy temporally-precise mHealth interventions. Organized around three Technology Research & Development (TR&D) projects, mDOT represents a unique national resource that is developing multiple methodological and technological innovations. Each TR&D is creating technological resources for the biological community. These developments include easily deployable wearables, apps for wearables and smartphones, and a companion mHealth cloud system, all of which are open-source.

Together, these mDOT deliverables transform the ability of researchers and innovators to exploit the exploding range of sensors and mobile technologies to develop and deliver dynamically personalized and temporally-precise mHealth interventions to individuals. mDOT engages with iterative “push-pull” interaction with collaborative projects (CP) and direct dissemination to service projects (SP) ensures that the technologies developed by our TR&Ds solve real-world problems, are usable by other researchers, and have the broadest impact.

The mDOT Center’s training and dissemination (T&D) activities seek to maximize the societal impact of our technologies by promoting broad distribution and uptake of mDOT technologies and resulting software beyond mDOT affiliates. In summary, mDOT aims to transformatively improve health and disease outcomes by enabling patients to initiate and sustain the healthy lifestyle choices necessary to prevent and/or successfully manage the growing burden of multiple chronic conditions.