MD2K Team

MD2K is a consortium of 11 universities and university medical centers, headquartered at the University of Memphis. The 22 collaborating investigators collectively represent the best and brightest minds in data science, mobile sensing, and biomedical research. The center is organized into four operating cores (data science research, training, administration, and consortium) with data science research efforts structured into four primary thrust areas: Thrust 1: Mobile Sensor Data to Information (MD2I), Thrust 2: Mobile Sensor Information to Knowledge (MI2K), Thrust 3: MD2K-Implementation, and Thrust 4: MD2K-Application.


MD2K Organizational Chart

Participating Institutions and Disciplines





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Team: Cornell Tech, GA Tech, Harvard, U. Memphis, Northwestern, Ohio State, UCLA, UCSD, UCSF, UMass, U. Michigan, U. Utah, WVU